Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Orleans Vixens

All images are printed on an Epson 9600 up to 30x42 inches.
All image are copyright david emerick 2006

New Orleans Vixen 37

New Orleans Vixen 36

New Orleans Vixen 34

New Orleans Vixen 33

New Orleans Vixen 32

New Orleans Vixen 31

New Orleans Vixen 30

New Orleans Vixen 29

New Orleans Vixen 25

New Orleans Vixen 20

New Orleans Vixen 19

New Orleans Vixen 18

New Orleans Vixen 17

New Orleans Vixen 13

New Orleans Vixen 12

New Orleans Vixen 11

New Orleans Vixen 10

New Orleans Vixen 5

New Orleans Vixen 4

New Orleans Vixen 3

All image are copyright david emerick 2006


W. Evans said...

While technically well done, these remind me of the kind of postcards one finds in a French Quarter souvenir shop. You really should try to spend some time in New Orleans to get to know the pulse and history of the city. To anyone who knows something about New Orleans, these appear to be the work of an infrequent tourist who still has the stereotypical notion of New Orleans as being all about Bourbon Street and bare breasts. Too narrow a viewpoint for such a fascinating city.

Metairie, LA

David Emerick said...

Point taken. I have spent a great deal of time in NOLA and the appearance of the "souvenir postcard" was intentional, however, that is just scratching the surface of countless meanings and interpretations playing between the elements of the image, or at least that is my intention. It is really hard to get across all that is going on in a "web" image, perhaps if you saw the images printed out large you would not dismiss them as easily.

Thanks for the comments though.



Anonymous said...
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John said...

to w.evans

look at the image, which should stand on its own, forget where it was taken, it's not a documentary or journalism, it's art

if you don't like it, then don't like it for the right reasons, not because it doesn't comport with your deeply held feelings about NOLA

Tom Wolfe's 'Painted Word' made the point that post-modern art had become so divorced from the creative process, that we needed the titles and the labels to know how to respond to it

in fact, the creative process has become so conceptual it is now more about creating thought provoking, ironic, or titllating juxtapositions between labels and images than about making art

these images are both beautiful and playful, full of longing and imagination - is that woman behind that door? -

Emerick could have called the series Front Doors ... then how would you have responded?

the aesthetic sensibilities of many people have gone way downhill, IMHO

Mark L. Power said...

Dave, it would be interesting to see a companion series to N.O. Vixens, a post-Katrina series...

Mark ( power)